Like a Girl

Excerpt from my short story, Like a Girl:

David Prinser wasn’t a standout kind of guy: blonde crew cut, black horn rimmed glasses, average height, studious and pale. He was a year behind me in college, and I’m sure I wouldn’t remember him at all if he hadn’t been found on a bench in the quad, nude, sprawled out open-legged, dead.

Donatello's Bronze David (1430) - Bargello - F...

Donatello’s Bronze David (1430) – Bargello – Florence (2/2) (Photo credit: russellmcneil)

It was strange. I saw someone draping the body, and the leg looked pale even for December. Some girl, I guessed. Later in the Student Union I heard it was David, and realized the leg was long and hairy, not the kind of detail that hits you right off, looking at your first dead body.

Hell, I was 19 in 1979, and what struck me was the cop’s tight mouth, his bluish stubble, and his mirror shades. I wanted some just like that. A couple of campus security guards stood next to the bench, under a straggly plant that passed for a tree, and kept their backs to the body. Some students stopped to gawk, but I walked faster, heading for the library. It was early morning and cold. I just wanted to get away.

see above

see above (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I write speculative fiction, science fiction, horror, fantasy, cross-genre, unclassified, non-fiction, scripts, poetry and dreams. I'm branching out into multimedia projects. My Vampire Madam series is available on Amazon. The first episode is Animals of London. My work has appeared in anthologies, literary journals, newspapers and on websites under a trio of pen names. I made my first sale to the Pan Book of Horror: Dark Voices series.

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2 comments on “Like a Girl
  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Pretty intriguing so far!


  2. […] “Like a Girl” went off to the next possible market after a spiffing up. I sent it out the first time without the final formatting–so out of practice, and not yet used to my latest software tools. I’m happy I got the story off for its next visit within 24 hours, staying on track with keeping at least five stories out with editors. […]


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