Coffee, Writing and Royalties


Low blood caffeine levels may be a leading cause of vehicular homicide.

It’s possible that not all writers are caffeine addicts. Yet I suspect I’m not unusual in being able to tell you the best coffee venues by the cup and for whole beans in bulk within at least an hour’s radius of the places I spend most of my time.

I’ve been paying more attention than usual to the quality of cafe coffee and related amenities because I’m spending more time writing in public.

My First Vampire eBook Report

I also just checked my Kindle sales reports and discovered that I’ve made $2.10 in royalties on my first eBook adventure, which is a bit more than the cost of a cup of coffee at a few of my local venues in northern California. I pay from 1.00 to 2.00 for a cup. And of course I tip. Those servers may share my affliction. The two places nearby that have aromatic, sensually superior dark roast and free refills are at the top of my favored coffee spots list.

I’d hoped for more interest in my Vampire Madam launch. Given that I pushed myself to get it out there during my birthday month — December — and didn’t set up any promotion in advance, I’m appreciating that it hasn’t languished there with no sales at all. It’s a short story, a taste of my world where vampire prostitutes grapple with increased patrols and a different kind of john in Jack the Ripper’s London. The next one will be longer.


“…nothing left to lose.” My fiction addiction may require leaving America.

During the initial surge of energy to get Animals of London out, I imagined getting the rest of the series launched this month. Life events interfered with that plan, and it may be just as well. I’ve always liked to live for a time with new fiction before I share it.

I’ve written a few more episodes of Vampire Madam and am keeping it to myself until I have the time to devote to completing it. This time I’ll do advanced promotion in hopes of reaching more readers.

As with my adventure in submitting short stories, it’s challenging to sustain the liftoff enthusiasm. But hey, at least I’ll get some coffee out of it.

Update on Royalties

Amazon notified me of my first royalty check yesterday. First blood, sweet. Tiny taste, yet sweet. It’s for the one copy that sold in the UK — and three copies in the US — right after I published it at the end of December. Whoever you are dear readers, thank you.

And thanks to all for stopping by for my 13th fiction blog post.


I write speculative fiction, science fiction, horror, fantasy, cross-genre, unclassified, non-fiction, scripts, poetry and dreams. I'm branching out into multimedia projects. My Vampire Madam series is available on Amazon. The first episode is Animals of London. My work has appeared in anthologies, literary journals, newspapers and on websites under a trio of pen names. I made my first sale to the Pan Book of Horror: Dark Voices series.

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2 comments on “Coffee, Writing and Royalties
  1. Bat Hughes says:

    Thanks. Good attitude. I have two novels in progress — keeping it going. Good timing on the optimistic message.


  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Don’t worry about the money, my friend! Worry about churning out fine fiction and getting the word out. The rest will come 🙂


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