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Free LGBT Science Fiction Story

As a teen, it mattered to me, and still does, that I found books with people like me in them. Books with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and gender variant characters gave me a sense of connection and affirmation that was rare growing up in a small town.

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Crazy Hope & the Submission Numbers Game

Now that I’ve been winging out stories for months in this latest round of publish or perish, I’m in some ways more obsessed with numbers than ever, and in others, letting go of supposed signs that used to get my

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First Blood in Microfiction: Specklit Acceptance

Maybe there’s magic in telling the truth. Today brought a new acceptance. My stories “The Unexpected Suitor” and “The Cabin Boy on the Widow’s Walk” will appear in Specklit: A World of Wonder in 100 Words. Alex F. Fayle edits

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“Rip” Forthcoming in “Vignettes From the End of the World”

It’s a better day now, thanks to a story acceptance. Apokrupha’s taking my 499-word flash, “Rip”, for their Vignettes from the End of the World anthology. I wrote the story in response to their submission call, so I’m happy they’re

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Fiction Submissions: Organize Until It’s Almost Painless

The gnashing of teeth, the ligament-stretching, bone-popping rack, the barbed whip and oh please no, the waiting… Yeah. Submitting fiction. Don’t let my enthusiasm put you off. Actually, compared to when I started, printing out and sending every submission by

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The Rejection File

The Rejection File In my date book I note: “Like a Girl” back from [a favorite speculative fiction magazine]. Back from, as though it’s been for a visit. I rarely use the word rejected. For years I noted “declined.” Now

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Like a Girl

Excerpt from my short story, Like a Girl: David Prinser wasn’t a standout kind of guy: blonde crew cut, black horn rimmed glasses, average height, studious and pale. He was a year behind me in college, and I’m sure I

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Jewel Beetle

He pulled a transparent pill pod out of his breast pocket. The jewel beetle radiated the morning sun in gleaming blue-green, cobalt, gold, platinum, shots of flame. Took him to brushing Gail’s hair on his deck in the sun, satin

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Bigfoot Eureka

An excerpt from my horror story: Big Foot Eureka He rinsed the shovel and dried it off, refolded it. The creek water felt soft on his sweaty face, got the salt out from around his eyes. Bats took off over

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